Industrial Support Group

LPD 17 Class Post Delivery/In-Service Industrial Support

R&P has capabilities on both coasts, with major field offices in Virginia Beach and in San Diego. All of these facilities are in proximity to large concentrations of ships and submarines and/or their command and support organizations. Our core capabilities are in electric plant control and distribution, and in interior communications and electronics. R&P provides installation and checking out of ship's cabling, controllers, switchboards, and electrical distribution equipment. We also provide manufacturing, installation and troubleshooting of interior communication systems, monitoring, and metering panels. Our personnel are experienced in shipboard power distribution, radar, and communications systems, as well as in copper wire and fiber optic repairs and installation. Our technicians are certified for installing, pulling, blowing, and terminating fiber optic LANs and are certified to connectorize. 


R&P is currently providing post delivery AIT support for the LCS class, LPD 17 class and LHA 6 class.  A sample of the work we have accomplished includes; LPD 19 GiG-E LAN backfit; overhaul and installation of the announcing system aboard the USS Green Bay (LPD 20); and the installation of the R&P designed/manufactured UPS Remote Alarm Monitoring System (URAMS)on the LPD 17 class. 


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