Littoral Combat Ship Support Group

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USS Independence & USS Freedom

Mr. Timothy Kriegel, Littoral Combat Ships Program Manager

Mr. Kriegel joined R&P Technologies in March 2013.  He has the overall responsibility for planning, estimating, managing, executing and reporting all PMS 501 and PMS 505 tasking at R&P.  This effort includes supporting LCS Program Ship Acquisition Milestones for Design, Production Test and Activation, Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E), Post Deliver, Post Delivery Test and Trials, Configuration and Baseline Management, Financial and Program Management.  Prior to R&P Technologies, Mr. Kriegel worked at NSWCCD-SSES Philadelphia as a Project Manager in the platforms code.  As the PMS 501/505 customer advocate, Mr. Kriegel was the single Point of Contact for all Littoral Combat Ship (LSC)/PMS 501 and LCS Ship Design Manager (SDM) tasking.  He interfaced daily with SEA05D, SEA 05Z, Naval Technical Authorities (NTA), Technical Warrant Holders (TWHs), PMS 501 Technical Principal Assistant Program Manager (PAPM) Post Delivery PAPM, Test and Trials (PDT&T) PAPM, Production PAPM, Logistics PAPM, Business Operations PAPM, the Business Financial Manager (BFM) and their staffs.  Mr. Kriegel received his PMP certification from George Washington University in 1997 and his DAWIA Level III certification in Acquisition Logistics in 2004.


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