SeaPort Enhanced

Contract Name:  SeaPort Enhanced
Contract Numbers:  N00178-04-D-4525, N00178-14-D-7895
Sponsor:  Naval Sea Systems Command
Contract Expiration Date:  May 31, 2019
Program Ceiling:  $ 48.8 billion
Contract Type:  ID/IQ
Type of TOs:  Cost Reimbursable
Available To US Navy, US Coast Guard and US Marines


Sponsored by the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) the SeaPort Enhanced Contract is a 15-year, multiple-award ID/IQ contract to provide all aspects of professional support services required by the Navy’s SYSCOMs and their related Program Executive Offices (PEOs) and field activities. The SeaPort Enhanced Contract has a total ceiling of $48.8 billion

Services Covered under SEAPORT Enhanced

The SeaPort Enhanced Contract provides a vehicle to procure professional program management, engineering, logistics and financial management support services for authorized users through all phases of ship, aircraft, and weapon system life cycle - technology development, concept exploration, design, specification development, construction/production, test and evaluation, certification, operation, maintenance, improvement/ modernization, overhaul and refueling, salvage and disposal.

Getting Started

Additional contract information, instructions for preparing task orders and SOWs, and procedures for the fully electronic task solicitation and ordering system can be found on the Seaport Acquisition Portal (

R&P Contacts

Primary POC

Mark Wartonick
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James Ryder
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Secondary POC 

Stephen Capriotti
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R&P Technologies Experience

The R&P Team offers a comprehensive engineering, technical and programmatic capability to the Naval Warfare Center Divisions and Detachments, as demonstrated as a team by over three decades of proven performance. The R&P Team, consisting of 6 large and small businesses, is currently drawing upon its technical and managerial depth and breadth as it continues to provide superior support to all of the Warfare Center Divisions across several SOW functional areas. The R&P Team has nationwide experience supporting Warfare Center Divisions and NAVSEA through a network of local offices. Our team offers the Navy the powerful combination of a Navy-wide perspective of Warfare Center missions and strong local presence attuned to the specific needs of individual Divisions and Detachments.

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About R&P Technologies Seaport Contract

Task Order FD01 - Contract N00178-05-D-4525

Task Order EHP1 - Contract N00178-05-D-4525

Task Order EHP2 - Contract N00178-05-D-4525

Base Contract N00178-14-D-7895

Task Order 0001 - N00178-14-D-7895

Task Order EHP1 - Contract N00178-14-D-7895

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