R&P Technologies has developed three distinct product lines for US Navy and commercial marine use. Our products must be custom ordered, as each ship application requires hull specific information (ship's compartment and equipment nomenclature vary on each hull). Our products can be easily customized to meet specific application requirements, as additional signals/alarms/functions can be added. Our HM&E, controls, and mission systems expertise allow us to specialize in developing economical solutions for difficult shipboard design requirements a shipbuilder may struggle to implement. Our solution support starts at product conceptual design to match ship specification requirements, material design and construction to meet mil-spec physical and environmental requirements (MIL-901, 461, 1399, etc), as well as installation package preparation (Alteration Installation Team or AIT), shipboard installation and test. All of our products have completed US Navy logistics packages (APL, PMS, Technical Manual).

Switchboard Meter Panel

The MP 07-08001 Switchboard Meter Panel is designed to measure and displays IC Switchboard 3-phase low-voltage (120 VAC) and frequency (60 and 400 Hz) on LPD-17 class ships.  The 60 Hz and 400 Hz Selector Switches provide a means for the user to display phase-to-phase voltage and phase-to-ground voltage.  Independent 120 VAC, 60 Hz power is required for proper operation of the digital meters.  The Meter Panel is constructed using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), UL-listed, digital meters and switches mounted in a ruggedized enclosure.

Shock tested to Mil-std-901D Grade B, Class 1, Type A
Vibration tested to Mil-std-167-1, Type 1, for frequencies 4 to 15 Hz


LPD 17
USS San Antonio

UPS Remote Alarm Monitoring System (URAMS)

The URAMS 09-06001 UPS Remote Alarm Monitoring System is designed for LPD 17 class ships.  Its purpose is to monitor the Uninterruptible Power Supplies servicing the vital node switches of the ship.  URAMS monitors the most vital alarms generated by the UPS units and passes real-time updates on the condition to the user via a Touch Panel Display.  The system does not decipher the alarms but presents them to the operator for casualty awareness, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Shock tested to Mil-std-901D Grade A, Class 1, Type A
Vibration tested to Mil-std-167-1, Type 1, for frequencies 4 to 25 Hz
Patent Pending #61252778


USS Green Bay

Announcing Systems

R&P Technologies provides class A overhaul and installation support for US Navy 1MC, 3MC, 5MC, 6MC and 10MC Announcing systems.  Our most recent project was the overhaul and installation of the announcing system aboard the USS Green Bay LPD-20 in San Diego, CA.  During this overhaul, the old announcing racks were removed and temporary replacements were implemented. The old racks were refurbished to address upgrades correcting previously identified deficiencies, add additional safeguards for system stability and upgrade the internal components to meet the long term operational requirements of the 1/3MC, 3MC, 5MC, 6MC and 10MC Announcing Systems on LPD-20. Upon completion of the overhaul the temporary announcing system was removed and the refurbished racks re-installed with minimal disruption to the ship.

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